Artist - Geek - Aerialist - Human

My name is Ray Greig. I believe that art is an exploration of self. When I create art, I leave a small piece of myself in it; in turn, the work and what it stands for leaves a small impression on me. My art is an exploration of life, truth, and self-discovery.

I use my art to explore topics such as life, death, love and loss through what I like to call "agoreable" imagery. It's a catch all term that applies to anything that can make you say "aww!" and "eww..." at the same time. My work has been known to make people laugh and cringe, but that is my goal. I believe that one should think more critically about what is defined as appealing and what is defined as repulsive. It's not as black and white as we may think. For example, skulls often make their way into my art, as they are both appealing and repulsive at the same time. This combination of all things delightful and despicable is what I strive to find and create.

I implement a wide array of mediums in my art. To some, this may seem eclectic or strange, as though it lacks purpose or direction. But at its very core, it is a reflection of my multifaceted self. We all enjoy eating different kinds of foods and listening to different types of music, so why shouldn’t I enjoy experimenting in different mediums of art?

In all things, I believe art is an exploration: of medium, of emotion, and of self. There is too much out there to witness and experience to end up nailing myself to just one thing. So I want this to serve as a reminder, for myself and all of you, is that life is both beautiful and ugly at the same time, but we won’t truly know unless we explore.

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